Units for rent Jan Noorduynweg


We would like to offer your firm this great opportunity to rent our brand-new and modern office/store units located at a truly unique and exclusive prime location, at the intersection of Jan Noorduyweg/ F.D.Rooseveltweg/ Winston Churchillweg.


Prime location:

The building is located in the heart of the largest community of Curacao, with over 14,000 homes residing more than 35,000 inhabitants.

Accessibility: Besides being located in the most densely populated area of Curacao, it is very accessible by public transportation as numerous bus routes are channeled through this intersection making this location only one bus trip away for many of your prospective clients.

Exposure: Traffic flow, based on data provided by DOW. The research conducted shows that approximately 60.000 cars pass through this intersection every single day, making it an absolutely prime spot for your business.

Delivery and availability: 

The building is now completed and ready for business.

All units will be delivered, modern tiles, aluminum framed glass front, key operated motorized security rolling doors, super modern glass railing with stainless steel bar on the first floor, AC infrastructure (no AC’s), toilet, alarm system and internet infrastructure.


Rental fee: (Contract of minimum 1 year)

Our monthly rental fee for these units are

Ang. 55.00/m2 Ground floor

Ang 35,00/m2 – 1st floor.


LED Billboard:

The building also include a 8m x 4m LED digital billboard, which is mounted at the top. This state of the art billboard, the largest on the island, can be used to display your company’s video commercials or static images. The billboard is a great marketing and communications tool for your business, with an exposure to over 60.000 drivers daily.

Our tenants will be offered special rate for year subscription of advertisement on the billboard.


Turnkey solution:

In addition to the above solutions, we can offer you a very competitively priced turnkey solution which includes:

–          Office partitions

–          Board room/ meeting room with tables and chairs

–          Manufacturing and installation of Information and customer counters

–          Name sign with logo

–          Installation of AC units

–          Electronic access control for all doors